Work Samples

Digital design work, 1998—2013

AIG Travel Insurance, 2004

One of my favorite projects, it was also one of the most complex. Essentially, the site helps customers learn about travel insurance products and buy policies. In the past a different site was created for each country because each had its own product lines. But that approach presented a quality, maintenance and consistency challenge. Instead, the client proposed one site system that could morph to show different product descriptions, application forms (each with different business rules), languages, currencies, and layouts. screenshots

With a minimum number of templates, we designed the system and instantiations for six countries and ten languages with each site selling from two to ten products. A highly modular information architecture allowed for swapping different content in and out. By carefully marrying the content modules with cascading style sheets (CSS), the visual design could morph to accommodate different languages and culturally-appropriate colors and images.

While it sounds complicated, the success was due more to the process and teamwork. Joint application development sessions allowed the business expert, technical architect, programmer, and myself to design the system together, working out all major issues quickly and with a minimum of overhead.